RECwork recruitment community
Our community of recruiters are all highly talented in what they do, proving this by finding the best talent for multiple businesses over their years of experience. Their process for finding the right talent includes ensuring that this candidate will improve your business and its growth during their time with you.


RECwork was founded to enable skilled recruiters to work independently with the infrustructure of a large recruitment business. Recwork offers its' community support, guidance and business growth.

RECwork was derived from the words RECruitment and netWORK to bring you The Recruitment Network and Community - RECwork.

Within the sector links you will find a whole selection of recruiters who have worked in the recruitment industry for a strong number of years, with a high level of talent for finding the best candidates. You will see that each recruiter works within a different industry, and within their pages you will be able to get in touch with our recruiters to start a working partnership.

RECwork recruitment community

The initial stages of finding your next employee, is to work out which service you’d like to go for with your chosen recruiter and discuss what you will need for the candidate to be successful. 

You will set the job responsibilities and focuses of an application that need to be found before the interviewing stage. We will identify the ‘best fit’ and highly talented candidates before we set up an interview. We will work with you to find people with a certain skill set that will help enhance your business.

​What's the benefit of working with independent recruiters?

Since RECwork is comprised of independent recruiters who have made cost savings by partnering with RECwork, they are able to offer their clients industry-leading expertise at a competitive price.

The RECwork independent recruiters have over 20 years of combined experience in their executive search fields, and have developed strong relationships with their clients and the industry's most talented candidates.

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RECwork recruitment community

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We choose our partners wisely to ensure that we only support recruiters of high quality, who are certain to provide a dedicated service.