Recruitment start up professionals

Our Quick Start model offers recruiters an opportunity to plug into our solutions and start trading without any fuss.

Our Membership model benefits businesses who are trading and want to benefit from a community of like-minded recruiters.

Our Partnership Model offers a platform for you to work with our creative team to design and build your own brand, breaking away from the RECwork branding, but still benefit from the support and access to an exclusive network. Ideal if you want to build your own business brand and infrastructure, now and in the future.

Want to earn up to 90% of your GP?

Our Quick Start system offers experienced recruiters an opportunity to run your desk your way, and earn up to 90% of GP billed.

Within days you can be ready to trade without any fuss.

Our verified team of suppliers are ready to support your marketing, back office, website, IT, HR and more, to enable you to recruit independently and scale effortlessly.

We work on your business so you can work in your business

Simply plug into our system, and let the billing commence!

Choose from our REC branding or our partnership model

Missing the office buzz, banter, competitive environment or just someone at the end of the phone?

Our monthly membership provides weekly access to our network of recruitment professionals, advisors and board representatives.

Some of our exciting benefits: Business health check, 12 business review sessions, access to our nationwide office portfolio, creative support and exclusive supplier discounts.

You’ll also gain access to resources and templates, and if you are outgoing or competitive you can enter our competitions and events!

Growing but need some direction? Our experienced Non-Executive Directors will help you steer your strategy and realise your goals.

Join now and benefit from our 360 holistic free business review to new members

Social Media

Social Media

RECwork Community enables recruiters to enhance their earnings, their work-life balance and overall wellbeing.

Our mission

You set the aims, we provide the building blocks.

Our team of industry experts are committed to providing the necessary tools for budding UK recruitment startups and established agencies to thrive in their industries.

Plug in directly and partner with RECwork

How it works

RECwork provides solutions for all your requirements, enabling recruiters to enjoy the perks of running their own agency without the upfront cost or time.

After a company induction you choose your dedicated solution, from accountant to creative design, IT software to marketing. RECwork has taken care of the headache, so you don’t have to.

Choose your culture

Do you fit your companies culture or does the culture fit you?

With RECwork you can create your own culture. You can choose from working from home, working from one of National offices or a mixture of both, you decide your hours and your place of work, we provide the rest.

Top 5 Features

5. Video sales and communication

4. Shared flexible office

3. Company incentives and events

2. Integrated systems

1. Earning potential



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