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Steve Eston

Recruitment Community Member


Steve has over 10 years experience recruiting top logistics and supply chain talent. He has made a name for himself being an award-winning permanent recruitment specialist and having built up his UK logistics and supply chain knowledge since 2003.

​Steve has specialised in recruiting at the management, director and leadership level within his sector since 2010, taking pride in filling those 'hard to fill' roles.


Steve set up in 2018 on his own working from home with a small office to retreat to if needed, juggling work and home life.

Despite having taken the leap to set up his own recruitment consultancy, Steve was used to working in a group setting. He soon came to realise that he was lacking the positive influence and boost of morale that comes with working as part of a team.

Although he was enjoying the financial benefits of running his own business, Steve wasn't being exposed to the collaborative environment of entrepreneurial minds coming together that often results in business growth and innovation.

Once he identified this, Steve started looking for solutions for solo recruiters. Soon after, he contacted RECwork via Linkedin and enquired about strategy support to help grow his business.


Steve took advantage of a free initial business review with RECwork, which resulted in some immediate small savings for job boards and insurances. The initial meeting gave Steve a boost in morale and productivity. Having been impressed with the outcome of the complimentary meeting, Steve booked in his first paid 1:1 meeting to go through a comprehensive business analysis utilising RECwork's success framework. RECwork identified Steve's business and personal achievements, as well as his pain points. A strategy was agreed by both parties to improve his business’s overall wellbeing but also a growth strategy.

Steve joined RECwork on the membership model whereby he pays a monthly subscription on a pay as you go basis. 


Over the first 6 months, Steve's overall output improved following some advice and coaching around time management and discipline. Not only did Steve's interview to placements ratio improve, but his revenue also increased by 15% over a 6 month period.

Steve moved into the RECwork community office, where he has been able to work in the same office as like-minded business owners. Not only has RECwork provided a community for Steve, but he has also gained critical business tools to help manage his back office including payroll, documentation support and legal advice. This extra support has allowed Steve to dedicate more time to revenue-generating activities instead of being consumed by administration.

"Attending the weekly meetings, going through successes and sharing pain has really helped my focus. The monthly strategy meetings keep me on track and the office share and events/competitions have made me feel part of a team, whilst providing the confidence to grow my business." - Steve

With the support of the RECwork network, Steve has increased his revenue and found a stimulating environment that encourages business growth. Steve is now able to enjoy the perks of running his own business whilst still maintaining the buzz of a collaborative office environment.

To enquire about becoming a recruitment community member, contact us today: / 07494912447

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