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Mike Morris

RECwork - Quick start member


​Mike has over 10 years recruitment experience, specialising in mid to senior executive search appointments across the manufacturing and engineering industries. His appointments have ranged from mid-level Sales & Operations Management to C-Suite. Working in such a specialised market, Mike's clients stretch right across the UK to Europe, China and the US.


​Like many within the recruitment industry with a young family, Mike spent his career struggling to manage his time between work and home life. After building up strong relationships with his clients over the course of his career, Mike contemplated taking the leap and setting up his own recruitment company. However, taking that risk over the stability of a salaried job, especially with a young family to provide for, made this a very difficult decision to make.

Mike researched into starting up his own recruitment business and found that a staggering 60% of new recruitment startups fail within the first 2 years. One of the mains reasons was that most people are not experienced in running a business, and therefore end up making poor business decision and focussing on the wrong areas.


​Shortly after the pandemic, Mike discovered the RECwork plug-and-play model; a model that enabled him to earn up to 90% of his billings with zero outlay, providing him with back office support and everything he needed to launch and run his business.  This suited Mike perfectly since he was seeking a way to enjoy the earnings of being a business owner, but without taking the risk or headache.

Not only would the plug-and-play model allow Mike to earn up to 90% of his billings, but it would also give him the autonomy recruiters so rarely get when working in a traditional 9-5. Mike was drawn to this idea because he also wanted a solution that would give him a better work-life balance, in addition to the increased earnings.

The most important thing for Mike was being able to mitigate the risk of setting up his own business and have the support and advice to make the right business decisions to run a successful recruitment company.


With the support and guidance of RECwork's plug-and-play model and community, Mike was able to set up his own business in a matter of days with no financial outlay. He celebrated in raising his first independent invoice in his launch week and earned 90% of his billings as opposed to the 20% he was accustomed to previously in his 9-5 job.

Mike has been able to concentrate on his sales business plan and updates his business strategy weekly with RECwork.

Mike is now working from the RECwork shared office where he enjoys the benefits of being in an environment with like-minded Recruitment Business Owners. He has seamlessly adapted to life as a free man whereby he can manage his own schedule and work-life balance.

  • To enquire about becoming a Quick start member, contact us today: / 07494912447

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